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Dodson Homes has met the expectations of home owners in Northern Virginia for 20 years, and will continue this tradition into the future.  As a family company, we know each family is unique and will have their own ideas and needs when it comes to what constitutes a home. 
Under the Floor Plan tab you will find architect firms that offer a multitude of house plans.  On each site you can narrow down your home search by how many floors, bedrooms, bathrooms and square footage you require.

If this is too daunting Dodson Homes also has house plans that you can view.  We have a few listed, but will be adding to this over the next year.

There are only a few of our houses shown below, but we have quite a few others to offer.  Our plans range from one level living to two story living to masters bedrooms on the first floor and anywhere from three to five bedrooms.  They can either be placed on a basement or  a slab and customized to you.  But we are not stuck on just building our own plans.  As a custom builder we will build your choice, not ours. 

The Browbriar

The Bluemont
2562 Sq ft—2 levels
4 Bedrooms
2.5 Bathrooms

The Browbriar

The Winslow
2809 Sq ft—2 levels
4 Bedrooms, optional 5
2.5 Bathrooms, optional 3.5

The Lakeland II

The Lakeland II
2,900 Sq ft—2 levels
3 Bedrooms, optional 4
3.5 Bathrooms, optional 4.5

The Craftsman

The Craftsman
3,300 Sq ft—2 levels
4 Bedrooms
4.5 Bathrooms

Don't see anything that strikes your fancy?  Look below to find a sample list of companies that have online shopping for house plans.  Many allow advance searches to help you find the perfect home...still not perfect enough?  We can help. With literally hundreds of house plans available online we are confident we can help you find a plan for you.
 Some of the plans that others have viewed are the Ashby, Larkspur, and Stonebridge by Donald A. Gardner Architects and the Amelia, Blackstone, and Chapman by Frank Betz Associates.  (These are only suggestions.)

Chatham Design Group
Donald A Gardner
DreamHome Source
Frank Betz
House Plan Guys
Nelson Design Group